**This is for authors, speakers, coaches, healers, service professionals,
and anyone who considers themselves an agent of transformation and change.**

"Are You Ready To Manifest More Money & Greater Prosperity So You Can Make An Even Bigger Difference?"



A Cutting Edge 7 Week Acceleration Program Blending the Best of Spirit, Consciousness & Practical Action That Takes The Mystery Out Of Manifesting & Puts Prosperity Back In Your Life...Fast.




I want to make it easy for you.


  • More Time

  • More Ease

  • More Money

  • More Prosperity

  • More Purpose Lived

  • More Dreams Realized

  • More Positive Changes For The Planet

If you find yourself searching for answers as to how to get into the natural "flow" of your purpose and prosperity, struggling to find solutions to the challenges in making your goals and visions a reality ... or trying to figure out what you have to do in order to get more money ... I've got some advice for you:




Stop searching. Stop struggling. Stop trying.

The breakthroughs, insights, solutions, and even miracles you're looking for already exist. Between you and the Universe, they're sitting there right NOW


Let me ask you....

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your business is thriving yet you have reached a plateau in your prosperity. You've hit your "upper limit" and need a powerful container to help you take the next leap.
  • You're tired of feeling like youíre the "best-kept" secret. And part of you wants to. You feel like a "fraud" because haven't got it all figured out, or your not making as much money as you think you "should" be.
  • You're frustrated because you KNOW you're supposed to be making a HUGE difference in the world, and instead you're playing "small" because of your preoccupation with money and prosperity.
  • You feel "on purpose" but still not making all the money you know you can. You feel like the idea of actually creating a solid income from your true purpose may just be a false hope.

Good news!

You are in the right place.

I'd like to tell you something that can immediately shift things for you.

What you think is missing, isn't.


And, what IS missing is a plan that blends the best of Spirit, Consciousness and Practical Action. What is missing is a system.


I know that many of you are big dreamers, visionaries and leaders who are here for a purpose, and you keep hitting a big fat wall that prevents you from really taking off to the next level.




You're looking in the wrong places!

You're putting your energy in the wrong direction.

You're wasting your time hanging out in the consciousness that got you where you are now.


You're ready for more. Much more. You know and I know it. It's why you're here.

Dream with me...

Can you imagine being given everything you need to immediately begin making your dreams a reality?


The Universe is waiting to give you

what you want!


I want to show you how.


Check this out:


The way we get there may not be what you think.


It's certainly not what you've been taught.


In fact, you will actually have to un-learn some things (i.e There are limited resources in the Universe).


I'm ready to guide you. I'm ready to devote myself to you. I'm ready to give you the best of what I know.


The ways I teach you may surprise you. Or, they may relieve you.


Either way, you are in for a great adventure!


Here's the first clue: It all begins with you.


Yep, I will show you how you need to BE in order to let the flow come to you.


In fact, I will guide you through a process that will help you become the natural manifestor you are.


I am ready to hand you materials and specific processes that you can directly use that will inspire you to take clear, aligned action--inevitably leading you to what you want.


I've been listening to you. I empathize with your struggles. Many of you are stressed. You've been sharing that you: 

  • Get caught up in the "how", and don't see what's possible

  • Stop dreaming

  • Make a plan, but don't follow through

  • Procrastinate (and feel the anxiety of putting things off)

  • Are afraid to dream big

  • Don't know where to start in your visions

  • Feel stuck and don't take action

  • Have too many ideas

  • Are overwhelmed with inspiration

  • Don't know how to ground your spirituality into the practical

And the BIGGEST challenge I hear over and over is...


.... fear and doubt get in your way.

I'd like to come clean about something that helps me to get out in the open straight away.

Just a few short years ago I was struggling with money & prosperity. I didn't know if I'd "make it" in business & I was plagued by this aching feeling of lack.

Fear and doubt ruled my money matters, which translated into an anxiousness that lived just beneath the surface.

But then something shifted. The mystery of manifesting became clear to me & I was able to breakthrough my money & prosperity barriers.

Now I have a waiting list for clients, I'm a 6-figure business woman, I'm creating a bigger impact on the planet, and I absolutely LOVE what I do! I feel my abundance, and it just keeps growing.

I share this so you get a glimpse into the radical transformation I've been through and to feel what is possible for you.

 You Are About To Learn My Clear, Step-By-Step Process That Teaches You EXACTLY How To Take The Mystery Out Of Manifesting & Puts Prosperity Back In Your Life...Fast.

Whether you're a newbie or experienced at manifesting, you'll discover strategies and tips designed to help you create more money and greater prosperity.

I'll be taking my infamous "GET IT DONE" approach in this course. I want to see you succeed, so I take my job seriously as your guide. That means you will be taking action every week, not just studying what I share, but applying it.



A Cutting Edge 7 Week Acceleration Program

Blending the Best of Spirit, Consciousness & Practical Action


In this ground-breaking program I will show you how you can actually align yourself in the most fundamental ways. From there you can:

  • Recognize the greater truths that will guide you to higher purpose

  • Live in the flow of universal harmony and peace

  • Align your thoughts with universal law so you know ease with finances

  • Awaken to new possibilities and prosperity that always exists

  • Manifest more money by helping more people

Are you ready to follow a straightforward process for bringing your dreams, visions and goals to ground in physical reality-- in business-- in money?


Accelerated Manifesting gives you the skills needed to meet the mystery of transforming your ideals into realized accomplishments.

We Start May 9!


Here's just SOME of what you will learn:

WEEK 1. Setting The Consciousness Tone

I will share everything you need to know to fully launch into a success plan that is consistent with what really want, including:

  • The fundamental Universal Truth you must get in order to attain true fulfillment

  • Soul vs Ego results

  • How to take aligned action

  • The "Missing Element" that most FAIL TO EMPLOY in their goal setting ( ... it can help you with the "effortlessness" you long for.)

  • What your desire is telling you



 "I Made $17,000!"

"I made $17,000 in a few weeks doing what I love from Kendra's  program!"


Danielle Rama Hoffman

WEEK 2. Awakening Your Vision

I will walk you through a critical process to help you gain the clarity you need to attract what you want. The key components of this week:

  • Creating Vision

  • Goal Setting from the Soul


"Helping Soulful Women Succeed In Business"

"Kendra encourages us to take "imperfect action" and offers compassionate support to clear up limiting beliefs, so we can get on with our soul's work.  She shares lots of technical tips and is very available to answer questions. 

I highly recommend working with her - she's passionate about helping soulful women succeed in business while doing what we love."

Kristina Turner



"Distinguished In The Field"

"Kendra's service is devoted! Authenticity, integrity and accountability make her a shining light in the field of coaching."


Kim Orte


WEEK 3.  Daily Alignment & Action

I will help you ground into step-by-step, day-by-day action. After you've completed the 1st critical steps, you'll discover what you need to do to bring your daily routine in harmony with what you want.

  • Break down vision in to a manifesting plan

  • How to focus your thoughts to support your clear plans

  • What to do on a daily basis to ensure your manifestations come alive



"I have launched 3 new projects"

"(Kendra's program) has given me the inspiration and the confidence to keep moving and heal what needs to be healed and step into my most brilliant self.  I am now unstuck, dreaming again and have launched 3 new projects, all of which have great income potential AND they fill my heart with JOY!"

Tamra Fleming

WEEK 4. Dealing With Fear & Doubt

In this week, I will get real with you about the #1 challenge area for most people. I will get into:

  • How to clear limited beliefs & fears

  • The absolute must that will transform your experience from struggle to ease

  • Transforming your beliefs so you can finally end the relentless roller coaster cycle of up and down

  •  Why your obsession with "how" is blocking your progress (and what to do about it)

  • Breaking through your own barriers so you can effectively do what you know you need to do

  • Ending the doubt of whether you can succeed at achieving what is most meaningful to you

  • The one skill can take you from chaos to calm, from overwhelm to peace in just minutes a day

  • Remove the programming that keeps you in strife and struggle


"I Brought In $2,000 In Just Four Hours"
"Before I started working with Kendra I was living my life numb.  I drugged myself to sleep, I didn't follow my intuition much in life or business...I had less than settled.


Since working with Kendra,  I have embraced the feminine goddess in me.  I now stand tall in ALL that I am and have learned to love to speak my truths.  I understand there is a whole Universe on my side that wants to help me and this has allowed me to shed those beliefs and clients that no longer serve me.  I am truly on my path to serving in a matter which is congruent within me and which brings me an immense amount of joy each and every day.

In one day I launched a course where I brought in $2000 in just four hours.  In my traditional practice it would take me several months to make that same money with so few clients. She has helped me break the paradigm where I am not worthy and truly helped me know and share my value with the world."

Kevra Unger



"An Irresistible Force"

"Kendra is an irresistible force moving you toward your aliveness. I can say with great assurance that anyone who actually engages & works the programs Kendra offers will see results."




WEEK 5. Understanding & Integrating Law of Attraction for Ease In Manifesting


You will awaken even further to your power with this eye-opening week.

  • How to be a natural attractor for what you want

  • The power of the Law of Attraction and how it can help you get what you want

  • I will share eye-opening information about the latest in brain studies that will directly effect the way you approach success from this time forward

  • The surprising key that will unlock your flow & ability to receive what you desire

  • 2 golden keys that open the door of opportunity

  • LEARN about energy and how it can help you get more done in less time

  • Find out how working with vibration can SOLVE any problem fast


"No Better Recommendation"
"Kendra is a powerhouse of a coach. She lives and breathes what she teaches and shares, and there is no better recommendation than that.

Kendra meets you where you are and accompanies you on a journey towards where you want to be, she pushes, pulls, questions, and most of all, listens.

Don't call her unless you are ready for a bigger, better, brighter, richer future.

Kendra, you rock. Thank you for all your help and guidance and even the 'woohooos' along the way."
Aileen Bennett


WEEK 6. Creating Magnetism

Iíll address Magnetizing Strategies that work, including:

  • How to be effortless in creating what you desire

  • Letting go of the how & Letting in TRUST

  • The #1 priority in becoming magnetic

  • How to become so clear and compelling in your vibration that people, resources and connections just come to you like bees to honey

  • Learn 3 SECRETS to being a magnet for what you desire and learn what you can do to start using them so that you get results!





"I Manifested My Goal For Attracting The Money I Wanted"

"Not only have I manifested my goal for attracting the money I wanted during Kendra's 7 week Wealth Consciousness for the Soul-Rich Woman, but I also saw a huge acceleration in my creative process in a very short time

I have been an artist all of my life, and I feel that I made a quantum leap in my ability to paint.  I taught myself a new medium during this time, and it has taken me to a new level as an artist.  I am so grateful for this shift in my vibration as an artist and as a creator of abundance.  Thank you Kendra for being an awesome guide on my soul journey.  You have enabled me to cast aside the burdens of my past and given me wings to fly."

Holly Kallie



WEEK 7. HOT NEW Material on the DIVINE FEMININE and LIVE Q and A time with Kendra


I will have just arrived back from a mystical trip to Bali, and plan to reveal FRESH, cutting edge spiritual insights that will accelerate your results!


You'll receive 6 recordings, starting May 9, and can listen to them at your own convenience. (Week 7 is LIVE. You will also receive this recording.)

Sound good? I think so, too! And guess what....that's not all.

What Do You Get For Your Investment? (Beside the immeasurable rewards of greater prosperity)

I am THRILLED to share this groundbreaking program with you, and I'd love for you to experience it for yourself so that you can finally allow yourself to know the aliveness that you long for.

For your investment, you will receive: 

  • Weekly Recorded Seminars

  • Weekly Exercises

  • Inspirational VIDEOS

  • Daily Inspiration (Monday-Friday) to Keep you Focused 


  • Guided Meditation Series led by Kendra

  • Audio Recording Highlighting Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Personal Success Achievement

As always, I over-deliver and pride myself on high quality content. I am confident that if you choose to engage fully in this course, you will get results beyond your expectations.




"Moved Quickly On My Goals"

"Kendra is a healer's healer, and a teacher's teacher: passionate, insightful and spiritually intelligent. She is also an integral part of my success team. Since working with Kendra, I've moved quickly on my goals and am well on my way to meeting my bright, beautiful future. Will you invite her to be a part of your success team, too? You should, you know. You totally should!"


Robyn McKay, PhD




"Everything I hope it would be & more..."

"The course is everything I hoped it would be and more. In the past 6 weeks I have seen my relationship with my partner literally transform (it is a long, long story, but I attribute the deepening of our relationship to the clarity and focus I have been able to attain through this course); and, on the money side of things, we have sold a property that we had been "trying" to sell for 2 years!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! :) 

Thank you so much for shining your light and allowing me to see the way past fear and doubt, Kendra!"

Shannon Rosnau





"Highly Recommended..."

"Kendra is a shining light and I highly recommend her programs."



Deb Terry




"From Total Devastation To Record Breaking Spring"

"Some of you have heard me raving about the immersion program with Kendra Thornbury that I did last September.

It concurred with possibly the hardest time of my life, when my business was on the brink of bankruptcy and the life I had made for myself was on the verge of collapse.

Before the month was over, I had manifested over $10,000, opened a third restaurant, lost 12 lbs. and came into a whole new level of intimacy and understanding with my husband. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING ONE WORD OF THIS. This program WORKS.

There is no religious affiliation, just common-sense reminders of HOW THE UNIVERSE works in regards to energy- but Kendra presents her program in such a way that everything just makes so much sense, is so easy to assimilate, and so FUN to do.

The effects of this program last and last. The teachings have become part of WHO I AM. Our business went from total devastation (the effects of this terrible economy) to a record-breaking spring.

We were the featured in a nation-wide commercial for the Texas Tourism Council.

We have paid off tens of thousands of dollars of debts.

I am closer with my kids, my husband, my friends than ever.

I am being considered for the lead in a motion picture.

My life is expanding, blossoming, becoming sweeter, funner and EASIER than it's ever been. Those of you who see me regularly have commented on how happy I am lately.

I just wanted to pass this on to you girls. This Feeling Good Immersion Program has had a profound effect on my life and family, my business and therefore on all the people involved with the restaurant, thus spiraling out into my community...... Imagine what we could do, if we all invest in ourselves to grow in life and gratitude and 'lightness of being'...."


Summer Williams




"A Long List Of Shifts..."

"If I had to bullet point the things that have shifted for me because of the work that I've done with Kendra, it'd be a long list."

Naomi Paulson




If you're like most people, you probably don't (fully) believe that it's possible to create what you most desire, let alone thrive and feel alive in your purpose, money and prosperity.


That's because it's counter to what you've

been taught.


I'm ready to teach you something new. Better yet, I'm ready to help you integrate something new so that it becomes are part of your everyday knowing and action.


When you are done with this course, you will feel a powerful NEW sense of excitement and enthusiasm knowing that your life will unfold in complete alignment and integrity with your authentic vision and intentions.


Not only that, you will feel the satisfaction of knowing that investments like this pay off for years to come because what you learn is yours forever.

Under the right conditions & with right guidance, you can ...

so you set yourself up for success 
and find yourself knowing it is "normal"
to achieve, attract, and create the money & prosperity you want.

Now I'm sure you've had the thought, "What's this going to cost me?"

moneyHere it is plain and simple. I don't like some of the salesy stuff out there, and I'm continuing to take leaps in my own authentic business building.

So, I won't go on and on and why you "should" do this. This has got to come from your heart, your spirit. You know what is right for you.

When I meditated on the price (yes, I do that), I got how important it is to make this accessible to many of you. I remember times where I've wanted to take courses that I know would grow my business and didn't have the money. That was a painful time.

For some of you, price is a non-issue. Yet, I value serving those of you who are still in that "building stage".

Long story short, it's just $479!

check Yes Kendra! I want to crack the manifesting code and learn how to allow greater prosperity.


For my investment, I understand I will receive: 

  • Weekly Recorded Seminars

  • Weekly Exercises

  • Inspirational VIDEOS

  • Daily Inspiration (Monday-Friday) to Keep you Focused 


  • Guided Meditation Series led by Kendra

  • Audio Recording Highlighting Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Personal Success Achievement




(best deal)


3 easy payments of $149*




Like I said, investments like this pay off for years to come because what you learn is yours forever.


I'm eager to show you a way - a seven-week process - that enables you to actually get clear, align, and take action in a way that naturally brings what you want TO YOU.

To your success,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

P.S. One of the things I LOVE about the art of manifesting is that I'm doing more of what I love, I've freed up my time, and I'm helping more people.

I can be out traveling or on retreat (as pictured), and still be serving.

This month, I'm going to a hot springs in Arizona and Bali. Both have been possible through these manifesting secrets you now will have access to.





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