ďChange Your Mind, Change Your Money SeriesĒ


Dear Conscious Entrepreneur, New Thought Leader & Change Agent,

  • Are you feeling the stirring in your heart and soul to start living the life you're destined to live?

  • Are you ready to step into your power as one who is in service to these changing times? 

  • Are you ready to finally dissolve the gap between money and soul so that you can fully live your destiny, serve your people AND prosper?

Over the next months, it is crucial that you rid yourself of the last vestiges of your money wounds, wake up to who you truly are and get on with the business of doing what you're here to do!

At this unprecedented time in the earthís history, you are being called to BE the magnificent co-creator you are designed to be.

This includes mastering two primary sources of manifestation power:

1) Your Mind

2) Your Money

It all begins your Mind. You see, your Mind is what creates, attracts, repels, blocks or generates money.

If you struggle with money, it means you struggle in your mind. If you plateau in making money, it's because you are stuck at a plateau in your mind. If you are feeling limited by money, you are some how limited in your mind.

If you want to change your money, you need to change your mind. 

Join me as we enter a new era.

No more struggle.

No more scarcity.

No more strife.

Itís a choice.

It starts with you. It starts right now.

It's your time to get out of your own way, leverage the power of your mind, and allow purpose and prosperity to flow through you.

In this moment, you have an important choice to make--and that is between faith and fear.

What will you choose?

I feel a deep calling to step up and share key teachings that have transformed my money and business life.

Please join me for this very special complimentary teleseminar series to awaken, energize and catalyze your money manifestation.

Seminar #1

"Awakening the Power Of The Divine For Profit, Peace & Prosperity"

Friday, September 17th at 12pm (pacific)  (RECORDING AVAILABLE)

Seminar # 2

 "5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Prosperity Right Now (And What You Can Do About It To Let the Floodgates Open)"

Wednesday, September 22nd at 6pm (pacific)  

Seminar # 3

"Money Healing: How To Finally Transcend Your Money Pain & Live Into Your Soul's Riches"

Tuesday, September 28th at 12pm (pacific)

You donít want to miss these ground breaking calls, however if you canít make it live, Iíll send you the mp3 audio right away.

These calls are FREE for a limited amount of time.
















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In Service To Your Freedom,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA


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P.P.S.S. This is the beginning of the buzz for my next "New Wealth Consciousness" Fall Coaching Program. Attending this series will help me know how I can best serve you.


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