Are you ready to live full out?
Do you want to simply feel good again?
Do you long to feel alive in your own body?
Are you willing to live the life you were meant to live?
Do you feel a stirring inside, nudging you, telling you there is more?
Do you want to bring ALL of who you are to every area of your life?

If you said YES to these questions, Delighting in the Diva will serve as a 'coming
home place' to your heart's quest. I am Kendra E. Thornbury, founder of SpiritAlive,
and I personally invite you to this intimate playshop for women. Arouse your vitality
and inspire deeper relationship with your Self by re-claiming and embodying the
Divine Feminine.

COME! Serve your longing for the delights of Diva on an expansive and outrageous
level. Remember, Diva is the root of Divine-pause and consciously choose a future
of Divine Divaness. Commit to being, walking, working, relating and talking based
on your core values and authentic expression. Be willing to risk, open and practice,
in a safe and solid container, in service to becoming what you are here to become.

In this playshop we will:
   Identify qualities of the Divine feminine
   Practice deep listening
   Discover more expressions of the Divine feminine within ourselves
   Be seen by one another in our diva-ness
   Use movement to experience expression of life through our bodies
   Play with the sensual delights of dance
   Adorn ourselves for a procession of the Goddesses
   Engage in more sacred play!