Re-Claim & Embody the Divine Feminine

"How would your life change if you received the most powerful manifesting tools that you could apply immediately?"



Dear Conscious Creator:

What if you were to unlock the code once and for all and become a manifesting pro?

Imagine living the life you know you are designed for, attracting people, experiences and money with ease and abundance.


What was once imagination becomes reality with the flip of a switch.


I can help you flip that switch... and keep it on.

Now, what if you were to feel good?  I mean REALLY, really good?

And, what if feeling good was not just a once and a while occurrence, but actually your dominant experience?

Not only that, what if you tapped into one of the most ignored aspects of manifesting that guaranteed you'd be able to attract vibrant health, prosperity, and all else you desire?

It is totally possible!  Actually, it’s what you are here for. It is one of the outcomes of living your natural state.

I invite you to leap into this reality now and to venture with me in an immersion experience that WILL provide you with what you need to live it.

See, you are designed for this state, to align with life in a way that simply FEELS GOOD!


Anything less than that just will not do. 

EVERYTHING about what you do & be can be in service to that outcome if you allow it. OR... everything you do and be can separate you from that, causing you stress, struggle and strain.

Now, a lot of you are attracted to this message because you are listening to your longing within to expand to the next level of aliveness.

==============================                                                                                                                             You are in the right place at the right time!                                                       ==============================

Many of you have studied manifesting & the Law of Attraction. You've watched "The Secret" a gazillion times. You "get" it, you may even have some great results from applying the universal law & principles. YET... you want more. You want to take it to the place of ease & mastery that extends beyond trying into being.

To do this, you must get that there is a KEY element to manifesting and attraction that most people ignore....and that is:

===>the FEELING state & vibrations that go with it.

Every aspect of your life-be it your relationships, your business, your career, your health, your finances-is a reflection of how you feel.

And how you feel creates a vibration that mandates the universe responds in kind. i.e. Like attracts like... that which is like itself is drawn.

This state I speak to:

===> Feeling Good!

What does this state of *Feeling Good* include?

  1. Sense of ease
  2. Consistent access to vital energy
  3. A “can’t help but share” JOY
  4. Knowing of true prosperity
  5. Growing yet complete gratitude
  6. Core freedom

"...Thank you Kendra for the abundantly rich "feeling good" immersion experience..."

"Your presence and the energy of it served me to be on target in my work with the immersion experience and to go to those deep, important places with you providing direction from your heart. Real and powerful in each moment, you offer a professional yet intimate experience. I feel your gift of speaking to the depths of my core and know you clearly serve the masses for our changing planet. That's amazing. Your medicine is impactful and consistently illuminating. You support transcendence. I am grateful for your medicine. I am grateful for you. I know more of my relationship to feeling good and that is an inspirational contributor on this journey of my life.

Thank you Kendra for the abundantly rich "feeling good" immersion experience. I am more deeply rooted on my spiritual path because of your service."

Love and Gratitude,

Kim Orte


"Two weeks into the program I was approached to provide a service that will lead to the largest lump sum of money I have ever made at one time and to top it off it is doing something that I love doing."

"I loved the virtual format of the 30day immersion program and found it very innovative, user friendly and convenient. It allowed me to tune in at the
perfect time for my schedule and energy and I felt that the sound current of the audio segments were encoded with high frequency energies that were tangible and easy to entrain to.

My particular feeling good immersion intentions were around having more moments of feeling good and being a vibrational match for more money, both of which I experienced. In fact about two weeks into the program I was approached to provide a service that will lead to the largest lump sum of money I have ever made at one time and to top it off it is doing something that I love doing.

I highly recommend the program. It is a great addition to the law of attraction, the Secret and the
Abraham-Hicks material because it provides an avenue to bring spiritual theory into every day practice and results. Kendra you rock-thanks again."

Danielle Rama Hoffman
Spiritual Teacher, Author and Wisdom Keeper



Francisca Giannini"I want to express my gratitude for the the immersion experience!! It has been very supportive during this hard time in my life!! I really enjoyed it!! Now, I enjoy LIFE!!!

I learned to meditate, to get deeply inside me, to accept myself just the way I am... and much more!!

I eagerly recommend it to others!!

How did it change my life?

Now, I REALLY know how it feels to FEEL GOOD! That is a huge change, because I can manage it!!"

With all my Love and Gratitude,

Fran Giannini

Listen, I have come by feeling good through tried and true experience. Many years back I devoted myself to being alive, concluding that if I wasn’t flourishing, why bother. There was a time in my life when depression was my dominant state, and scarcity was my reality ("getting by").

I have coached & share my message/teachings with thousands of people now. I offer what works, because my mission is to guide you to knowing what you desire most.

No hype. All results.

This is why I have created the *Feeling Good* 30 Day Immersion Experience.

If you say yes to this journey, you will move beyond study into practice, which instrumental to "getting" this stuff as a part of who you are...becoming a natural extension of all that you be and do.

Remember, EVERYTHING in your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. So, if you are serious about attaining and maintaining feeling good, investment in your inner development & daily habit IS necessary.

Are you ready? Any new experience simply begins with YES. All else will reveal from there.

30 Day Immersion Experience

Cutting Edge Information & Practices delivered to you daily!

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-that's

why we recommend it daily." ~Zig Ziglar



  • Daily Meditations/Inspirations/Teachings (recordings available)

  • Weekly Live Seminars (recordings available)

  • Video Tips

and more....

NEW Bonus

Recordings of LOA expert interviews Eva Gregory, Jeanette Maw,

Jen Blackert and Maria Lesetz




We will cover & PRACTICE:

  • Fundamentals of Law of Attraction

  • Power of Intention

  • Visualization

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Energy Clearing

  • Magnetism-What it is & how to create it

  • Vibration

  • Gratitude & it's role in manifesting

and more...


If you are eager to plunge in, register now.





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7 Reasons *Feeling Good* Is Where It's AT!


(1) Vibrational Alignment:

Everything is vibration. To create a reality that is congruent with your vision, your passion, your values, your desires… you must put attention toward ensuring that your “vibes” are attracting what you want. Feeling is the vibrational territory that most people ignore, yet is an essential aspect of alignment.

Feeling good will help you be a vibrational match to what you desire.

(2)  All Else Flows From How You Feel:

People get it backwards (not you of course). They go for the “thing“- i.e. the relationship, the money, the home, the hot body. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging those things. They are fine physical representations of what is possible in life.

However, what you really want is the feeling, the essence, that that “thing” has for you!  THAT is where it’s at. And that is why so many people (not you of course :) ) are on the endless hamster wheel seeking something that is never attainable.  Seeking fulfillment in circumstances, you fall short.

Get in touch with the feeling, the essence, and focus on that. The “things” will come naturally.

What you want will flow once you feel what you want to feel.

(3) Manifesting Magnetism:

If you want to take your manifesting abilities to the next level, you must get that feeling is your magnet.  As a conscious creator (rather than default reactor), you understand that what you pay attention to grows. If you are feeling down, low, depleted, like something is missing and so forth… you are just going to continue to get more of the same. 

You need to choose how you want to feel. You don’t think you can do that? Are you one of those that think that you can’t “control” your feelings? I challenge you on that one.

Feeling good is your manifesting magnet.

(4) It’s “Recession Proof”:

Once you get that circumstance does not define you, and that the physical forms are demonstrations of energy… you will feel assured and relax.  You can consider a greater wisdom in change, chaos, and transition, and lean into shift as a natural course of expression that you eventually know is PART of your abundance in life. 

When you feel good, nothing outside of you can affect you. 

You tap into the truth of plenitude, and allow new forms to reveal new streams of prosperity.

(5) It’s Good for You:

I’ve been studying the art & science of gratitude (through application), a characteristic of feeling good, for years. One of the most fascinating and promising aspects of gratitude is how it affects your health. There are actually scientific studies showing how it boosts your immune system, increases energy & vitality, and helps with all around health.

And, since what you pay attention to grows… feeling good builds you up for feeling more good. Gratitude creates more gratitude. Joy breeds joy.

No doubt about it, feeling good is good for you!

(6) The World Needs a “Vibe Lift”:

The way we’ve been conducting this global life business  just hasn’t been working. Things are falling apart because a new paradigm is emerging. Life knows how to live, and will ensure that the course carries on so that thriving is the mainstay. Life depleting ways just aren’t sustainable.

So, on my mission to help “change the world”, I have concluded that the best way to serve is to feel good & be fully alive! AND, as you know, such vibes ripple out. The world needs us to feel good! It’s contagious, and people can’t help but restore and raise to new heights in the midst of higher vibrations. 

For me, feeling good has been a part of taking my stand for flourishing together on this planet.

Help the world with its vibe lift by choosing to feel good!

(7) It Feels Good to Feel Good:

Oh yeah! It’s true.  Being in the flow of life, living the inspired creation that is, allowing the core joy and freedom to express…ah, goodness.

I concluded some years ago that I would accept nothing less than feeling good.  Suffering is not necessary. Sure, there’s “contrast” that is part of the human journey that helps us grow, yet the pain & suffering is optional. Feeling bad and drama are so overrated. Feeling bad is a false sense of power stemming from a victim consciousness that no longer serves.

It’s simple; it feels good to feel good! 






3 payments of $140


Clearly you have attracted this message at this moment in your life for a reason.

I look forward to serving you!

In joy, prosperity and gratitude,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA


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