Re-Claim & Embody the Divine Feminine


 "If You're A Conscious Creator Yet Are Still Working Way Too Hard To Get Results..."

"I want to make your life a lot easier by showing you simple, proven strategies that I guarantee will help you manifest the joy and prosperity you truly desire!"


Dear Conscious Creator:

It is so your time!

There is a HUGE shift going on right now. A shift in consciousness, a shift in how we do business, a shift in priorities, a shift in how we go about life. This shift is influencing you.

Right now.

It's getting harder to ignore it. Why?

Because you are designed to align with life in a way that simply FEELS GOOD! Anything less than that just will not do.

And the way we've been doing business, does not work. There are new rules and laws that are at play.

==>From scarcity to abundance. From stress to ease. From strain to peace.

EVERYTHING about what is occurring can be in service to these outcomes in your life and business if you allow it.

Listen>>>you are designed to feel good


And EVERY aspect of your life-be it your relationships, your business, your career, your health, your finances-is a reflection of how you feel, which is a result of what you think.


As within, so without.


OK. More on that later. Right now....

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If you keep doing things the way you've been doing them, you will get the same results. People who are serious about success are willing to stretch and expand into new territory.


You won't want to miss what I have in store for you. Clearly you have attracted this message at this moment in your life for a reason.

I look forward to serving you!

In joy, prosperity and gratitude,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

P.O. Box 20672  Seattle, WA 98102

2009 SpiritAlive