This is your time. You are 5 weeks closer to living what you are here for.




into Natural Joy, Peace and Freedom

Are you ready to dissolve the gap between your soul and your daily life?!

Join 2 highly acclaimed coaches & teachers as we show you how.

Once you live a life of soul, you will evoke natural and lasting joy, peace and freedom at your core that you can feel in every area of your life.

Dear Soulful Woman:

Clearly some things aren't working.                                                 

There are symptoms of this everywhere.                                                                 Listen to FREE Seminar!


  • Exhaustion

  • Depletion 

  • Stress

  • Overwhelm

  • Depression

  • The feeling that what you want is always just around the corner

  • Catching up with yourself and daily responsibilities

  • Putting out fires

  • Barely getting by

Can you relate?


Perhaps you've attained what you set out for. Perhaps you've achieved what you thought you were supposed to do and by societal standards, you are successful.  You've arrived and hear the echoes of a voice, "So what? This is it? NOW what?" 

You sense there is something more.

Congratulations. Your symptoms are indications that your soul is functioning and wants to be expressed!

Let's back up a bit here.

There are certain beliefs, constructs, paradigms and practices that have gotten us in trouble.  They have led us all to an unsustainable way of being.

The culmination of this is now,  this time, a time you can feel deep inside and see all around you.

Things are falling a part.  There is a major turning point occurring.



It's actually very exciting.

What is happening?

You see, our collective way of being is void of soul!  You have fallen victim to this, striving to become something that you really can't ever get to, and living in a perpetual state of unrealistic and unattainable expectations.

Thus, the symptoms arise.

As we've fallen out of alignment with our soul's path, our lives have become less manageable, less meaningful, less prosperous, less_____ (fill in the blank for you).  You know what we mean!

Now, you may be a woman that does not relate to the symptoms listed here. You may have attained a certain level of success that you feel good about and are content with.  Wonderful. 

Regardless of where you are on your path, beneath the layers of your day to day life lies a deeper call for more.  You know there is something else that you are meant to be and experience.


Some women talk about it as touching spirit in their lives and have allowed to express it in certain places and relationships, but they don’t know how to integrate it into all of who they are and how they live their life.

You...we can no longer afford to live in ways that separate us from the deeper sacred meaning of life, from who we truly are, and from the mystery and magic of our soul.

And now, with this turning point in time, the more we resist it, the harder it will get.  The symptoms will get worse.  Not because it is meant to be hard. 

ON THE CONTRARY... it is meant to get easier.

Here's the truth:

There is a perpetual state of longing and striving that cannot be fed unless you tap into your truest self and design a life that honors who you are and your soul's path!  Further, once you DO tap your truest self and design a life that honors who you are and your soul's path, you will not long anymore. You will not strive.  The striving ends and the contentment sets in. And once you live in this place, it can never be taken from you. It is not subject to change based on circumstance.  It is natural, lasting and ever-expanding.

"To be awake free in the world we need to be awake and free within ourselves."

                                                                                                                                                                                   ~Christina Feldman

===<>=====<>======<>======<>======<>=======<>======<>======<>======<>====                                 Your soul is talking to you. It's appealing to you to pay attention to the deeper currents of what life is really about.  It is inviting you to awaken to new levels of experience, filled with peace, joy and freedom. ===<>=====<>======<>======<>======<>=======<>======<>======<>======<>====

If you are ready to listen to this call and take action, join us for this groundbreaking 5 week journey that will help you cross the threshold of your soul, enriching and enhancing your life.

If you are a woman who: 

  • Wants to live your soul's path more deliberately

  • Considers your self soul centered or spirit led

  • Wants to marry your spiritual self to every day life

  • Wants to bridge the gap between the soul path and daily living

  • Is serious about “true” success

  • Is devoted to integrating soul into life and business

  • Wants to play big in realms of soul consciousness and life

  • Is ready to expand and elevate to the next level of full out living

  • Is committed to living a life of purpose, meaning and service


Get ready for a 5 week journey that will...

  • Offer perspective and insight as to why we are in this turning point in humanity

  • Help you understand why stress and strain has become part of your life

  • Guide you to awaken to your soul's path

  • Help you understand why once you live through soul, you will know true success

  • Support you in getting that without soul, your life will never change to the quality you long for

  • Support you in re-discovering what you are really here for

  • Provide insight and methods for bringing your soul and daily living together

Women who have taken this course have LOVED it!


"I heard about this program from a friend of mine and knew immediately I wanted to sign up. The program seemed to be the answer to the questions I had been struggling with recently. I am so so very glad that I attended! My awareness, my consciousness and my understanding have taken huge leaps. I know that with intentional focus on my part, I now have the skills and the knowledge I need to continue to grow and develop my soul and the depth of my life experience. Thank you Kendra and Connor!!"

"Connor and Kendra, You both speak the language of my heart and soul.Your voices echo the  mystery that is known inside me as a woman. You both articulate so clearly and beautifully wisdom, power, knowing the divine feminine. The very cadence of your voice, sound waves of the paradigm shift."
"You are both are made for this time and this work."

"You made it click. I have the connection now through your teaching, support, guidance and love."

Women have reported feeling/knowing:

  • Increased sense of peace
  • Greater ease
  • Enhanced way of being in relationship
  • Empowered
  • Expanded self-awareness

5 Weeks, 5 Soul "Themes":

1) Soul and Awakening
The entry into the awakening of soul to greater awareness.
Discover the key's to recognizing and living through your soul,
including the ONE essential must that connects you to your 
true nature.  
2) Soul and the Law of Attraction
An exciting and timely journey into the soul and its relationship
to the Law of Attraction (aka "The Secret"). Learn how 
alignment with your soul helps you manifest what you desire in life.
3) Soul and Relationships
Could this be the liberation you seek? Uncover how living through
soul offers freedom and health in relationship. Get beyond one
of the most common "traps" and open to a new level relating. 

4) Soul and the Divine Feminine

The feminine is on the rise. Unveil its gifts, its wisdom,
and role with the soul. Find out how this energy is
the answer to much of what you are seeking and how
it will enrich every area of your life.
5) Soul and Money
Re-create your experience with money. Find out where
you may be failing your self and mistakes to avoid.
Mend the relationship between your soul's path and
money, allowing greater flow and abundance.


  • Passion and purpose

  • Career and livelihood that reflects who you are

  • True prosperity

  • Juicy, meaningful relationships

  • Peace of mind

  • Freedom at your core

  • Daily routine that is fulfilling and is tied to a bigger picture

Included in this series:

  • Five 75-90 minute seminars facilitate by Kendra and Connor

  • Recordings of all seminars

  • Powerful mentorship and guidance from 2 wise and known spiritual leaders and coaches

  • Methods and exercises you can apply in your life

  • An exclusive interview on the nature of the soul (Kendra interviewing Connor)

  • Follow up emails to reinforce your learning, breakthroughs and progress

  • Wisdom that opens the gateway to a way of being that will last a lifetime

Who are Connor and Kendra?

             Connor Sauer                                Kendra E Thornbury

For the better part of our lives, we have dedicated our selves to remembering, discovering and embodying our soul path.  Each of us have traveled the depths of the inner and outer terrain of the soul experience, guiding others along they way.  Dedicated to the liberation of soul and empowerment of women, Connor and Kendra met through divine destiny 14 years ago. 

Individually, we have each gained visibility and credibility by delivering impeccable, quality services. We are known for our clarity, honesty and integrity.  Another way to put it: we don't mess around, we are serious about this living big, have done our work and are clearly committed to expanding consciousness for millions. Together... well, we will provide you with over and above what you expect! 

Through our combined experience and wisdom, we commit to serve through this potent partnership in service to the highest and best for the many rather than the few.  We both consider this offering a part of the body of our life's work, some of which has come to us "ahead of our time" and now joyfully present it to you during this timely shift in humanity.

This is our sincere invitation to you:



Course dates and times

NOTE: If you cannot come to the course time, it is OK. We record all the seminars, so you can listen to them at your convenience, anytime.

Wed. June 10, 17, 24 and July 1 , 1pm


Tuesday, July 7, 6pm (USA pacific)


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"All of our problems, personal and social, are due to a loss of soul." 

                                                                                                                                             ~Thomas Moore


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