Join Kendra and Connor for this timely seminar, addressing the awakening that is occurring right now!


into Natural Joy, Peace and Freedom

Dissolve the gap between your soul and your daily life!


Learn how to live a life of soul and evoke natural and lasting joy, peace and freedom at your core that you can feel & experience in every area of your life.


Dear Soulful Woman:

We are at it again!

Join us for a FREE teleseminar:

Tuesday, April 7

6pm USA Pacific

As we reveal:

  • Why things are falling apart

  • How the soul is influencing what is going on in your life

  • The symptoms of the absence of soul

  • Why you sense there is something more

  • Why you must change at the soul level in order to attain true success

  • What your soul's purpose is and your divine birthright


  • How to live your soul's path so that you know harmony & mastery in 2 KEY areas of your life

               ---->Relationships & Money

  • What the Law of Attraction and soul have to do with each other....

and more.

If you are a woman who: 

  • Wants to live your soul's path more deliberately

  • Considers your self soul centered or spirit led

  • Wants to marry your spiritual self to every day life

  • Wants to bridge the gap between the soul path and daily living

  • Is serious about “true” success

  • Is devoted to integrating soul into life and business

  • Wants to play big in realms of soul consciousness and life

  • Is ready to expand and elevate to the next level of full out living





  • Passion and purpose

  • Career and livelihood that reflects who you are

  • True prosperity

  • Juicy, meaningful relationships

  • Peace

  • Freedom at your core

  • Daily routine that is fulfilling and is tied to a bigger picture




"All of our problems, personal and social, are due to a loss of soul." 


                                                                                                                 ~Thomas Moore


Who are Connor and Kendra?

           Connor Sauer                                Kendra E Thornbury

For the better part of our lives, we have dedicated our selves to remembering, discovering and embodying our soul path.  Each of us have traveled the depths of the inner and outer terrain of the soul experience, guiding others along they way.  Dedicated to the liberation of soul and empowerment of women, Connor and Kendra met through divine destiny 14 years ago. 

Individually, we have each gained visibility and credibility by delivering impeccable, quality services. We are known for our clarity, honesty and integrity.  Another way to put it: we don't mess around, we are serious about this living big, have done our work and are clearly committed to expanding consciousness for millions. Together... well, we will provide you with over and above what you expect! 

Through our combined experience and wisdom, we commit to serve through this potent partnership in service to the highest and best for the many rather than the few.  We both consider this offering a part of the body of our life's work, some of which has come to us "ahead of our time" and now joyfully present it to you during this timely shift in humanity.


This is our sincere invitation to you:


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